Easy selling of your recycled plastics on the european market

In an actively competitive market, give visibility to your materials, increase your sales and obtain qualified data on your materials.

  • 1 Access a wider market
  • 2 Boost your sales
  • 3 Reduce your operating costs
  • 4 Benefit from technical expertise on your materials
  • 5 Track sourcing opportunities

Continuous characterization of recycled plastics

Because recycled plastics are unique due to the evolution of their properties, polymer engineering is at the very heart of our DNA.

Our passionate engineers work every day to improve processes and provide rigorous data on the quality of recycled plastics.

Every new product is subjected to exhaustive characterization, and every truck passes through customized quality control.

The power of digital for more efficient recycled plastic sourcing

In an ecosystem where data is scattered and difficult to access, digital is our strongest ally in securing your supplies.

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