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Our history

Each batch of recycled plastic is different due to the nature of the waste and the recycling processes. These variations limit the ability of plastics manufacturers to integrate recycled plastic. Because the future of industry lies in being productive and respectful of the environment, we rely on polymer science to support plastics manufacturers and brands in their environmental initiatives.

Since its creation, Polytopoly's laboratory has been based in Orléans, France. Designed to respond to a high volume of international requests, it offers a wide range of services and strives to process each request as quickly as possible. With its constant ambition to deepen knowledge of recycled plastics and stimulate innovation, Polytopoly has positioned itself as a key player in the industry for decarbonation.

Thanks to its in-depth expertise in spectroscopy, the laboratory can sort up to several hundred fragments in a matter of days, providing an in-depth understanding of the composition of waste streams.

This capability enables waste holders and recyclers to assess the potential of a deposit, while plastics manufacturers can secure their supply in complete safety.

Several batches are rigorously characterized in our laboratory for all products sold by Polytopoly.

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Polytopoly has a laboratory specialized in physicochemical and mechanical characterization of plastic materials, with particular expertise in recycled plastics.

The laboratory offers its solutions to a wide range of customers, including manufacturers in all sectors, brands, consulting firms, machinery manufacturers or recyclers.

RecyClass and EPBP recyclability tests

The Polytopoly laboratory is recognized by RecyClass and EPBP to carry out recyclability tests, particularly about the separation of labels from PET, PE, PP or PS containers.

These tests are part of recyclability certification procedures, but can also be used as an internal indicator to pre-select the most eco-responsible innovations.

Assess the recyclability of your products to obtain Recyclass certification by submitting a request.

Assess the recyclability of your products to obtain RecyClass certification

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Checking material quality

Are you using a recycled or virgin plastic reference and wondering whether the technical data sheet corresponds to the product received? Polytopoly regularly intervenes to provide the data needed to understand any difficulties linked to the quality of recycled plastics.

Recycled materials are subject to variations, making it essential to check the quality of each batch. Our laboratory offers its services to recyclers wishing to monitor the quality of their products, as well as to users of materials, whether recycled or virgin, who have doubts about their quality.

These analyses make it possible to resolve or avoid certain disputes, and to defend oneself if necessary.

NB: All materials sold by Polytopoly are subject to systematic quality control on a representative sample. Each batch undergoes quality control before being dispatched to the customer.

Feasibility of integrating recycled plastics

Recycled plastics are often used in combination with virgin materials or coloring agents. As part of our approach to co-constructing specifications with material users, our laboratory can carry out studies on the blending of our recycled materials with virgin materials and/or colorants.

This enables us not only to choose the most suitable material, but also to obtain results that are as close as possible to the final application.

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Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of studying a product in depth to understand how it works and the specifications that govern it. This process often makes it possible to reproduce or improve the original product. To help our customers gain a better understanding of their applications' tolerance thresholds, we offer services, either for a fee or as part of the supply package, to detect anomalies in existing products, or to broaden the range of material options for a given application.

Here are just a few of the reasons why our customers use countertyping:

  • Product improvement: Identify potential improvements to an existing product.
  • Compatibility: Develop products that are compatible with other existing products.
  • Audit: Diagnose problems or identify non-conformities.
  • Documentation: Create detailed documentation for products where it is missing or inadequate.

Research & development and prototyping

Because the future is being built today. Polytopoly is investing in a number of R&D projects, including complex compounding of recycled polymers to enable their integration at higher rates and in applications with high technical constraints. Polytopoly also works with petrochemical and chemical recycling companies on innovative projects.

Winner of the I-Nov competition, and of French Tech 2030, the company benefits from the support of the French government in the financing of its R&D projects.

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