Solutions designed to match your ambitions

Polytopoly supports manufacturers in their strategy to reduce their carbon impact.


Polytopoly Laboratory, convinced that auditing, eco-design and innovation are essential to reducing the carbon footprint of production, offers its expertise to manufacturers, providing them with services adapted to their ambitions.

Recycled plastic supply

Whether using in-house production lines or an external service provider, Polytopoly collaborates with marketing, product, R&D and production teams to guide manufacturers towards materials adapted to all their technical, aesthetic and regulatory constraints.

Let's conserve together the planet and its resources

As manufacturers make it possible for consumers to change their habits with regard to their environmental impact, brands are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

The use of recycled plastic is a made easy solution thanks to Polytopoly, which offers substantial and measurable carbon savings.

Our expertise in recycled plastics enables us to guide you towards the most suitable recycled materials for all your technical, aesthetic and regulatory requirements.

Reasons for choosing recycled plastic?

Reducing carbon footprint
Preserving natural resources
Competitive edge
Close to consumer concerns
Economic incentives

Polytopoly supports manufacturers and public institutions to help them secure the recycling of their plastic waste.

Our extended network of recyclers and our team of waste experts enable us to help our customers find the best solutions for the valorization of their waste, whether post-industrial or post-consumer.

Feel free to fill in the form, one of our waste experts will study your needs as soon as possible.